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A parallel universe inhabited only by men. They all like each other, but nobody can be touched because they fear "the virus".

An ultra fashionable society that is so correct and delicate, that when one of them loses his education it can affect the whole social order and shake the foundations of their culture.

The doctor, Demetrio, knocks down the Singer, they fall in love but many social barriers will have to be overcome if they want to be together forever.



Director's Notes

We want to create an original, entertaining and critical full-length film.

The aesthetic ultra-fashion is going to play a principal role.

I don’t want to have any statement of intentions, because each one will understand it in their own way, as if reading a good book.

There will be those who fall in love with the film and those who get angry. We know it and we like and accept it that way.

I specifically want to open a small window, one that asks a big question about the orthodox situation in our lives. Maybe everything is a lie and maybe we have different options and opinions we live with. What do you think?


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